Saturday, September 18, 2010

Solution to my prim toes/shoes battle.


I am bringing a very old blog back to life for a brief moment.  I have been on a hunt for heels with prim toes that blend with my skin and are not prim heavy.  This has not been an easy task.  Last night, I just left a very well known shoe store and was fitting them when I received a notice about the release of some other shoes.  I minimized it, but I thought it would be silly to get some because I just bought some.  If I buy something and don't wear it, my inventory eats it.  I spent another 15 minutes trying to get my skin to match these expensive, unnamed shoes.  I left to see these other shoes.  I have never heard of the place, so I may be behind the fashion scene again.

I purchased Pure II Black from Ms Graphic Designs.  I was immediately impressed with the minimal impact the shoes were to the overall Avatar Rendering Cost (in short, prims with textures and other settings).  I love the design; they are so simple and elegant.  The shoes come with a removable HUD that is similar to others, but this one was more intuitive.  You are able to show toe rings on either or both feet, and the texture of the rings can be changed; of course the nail color can be changed.  

Then, I attempted to match my skin, matched in two freaking clicks!  Unbelievable.  I then bought the multi color ones for obvious reasons, and you can change the color of the heel independently from the rest of the shoe.  The shoes can be sized via the HUD, and you are able to click on a help button to get a note card.  Today, I bought the multi color ones of Strapped.  These are really similar to the others, but they have more straps for when you don't want your feet to be so naked 0.O.  I am attaching pictures since everyone wants to see, but I did not put much effort in them.  My apologies.

Outfit= :bijou: Fragment [violetred]

Hair= Hair - Secret - Full Moon

Skin= ::Tuli:: Audrey (tone 3/br)

Shoes= Ms Graphic Designs, Pure II and Strapped. Island/22/82/21/

Friday, April 27, 2007

Interview with Gwendolyn Cassini of Cassini Creations

I recently spoke with the lovely and talented Gwendolyn Cassini. She is the beauty and brains behind Cassini Creations and the recent Mariners Fashion is a summary of our brief interview.

I arrived at her renovated shop and she immediately apologized for the mess. (There was no mess ;) Apparantly she had rebuilt the shop herself.

Gwendolyn Cassini: I'm a bit proud, this building is my first building I've made :)

BooBooKittie: I have been to Mariners Mall once before, when I first started SL and I hadn't been back until today. I saw the Fashion Consolidated group notice about your fashion show so I came down to check it out. While I was waiting--I IM'd a gentleman and asked who put the show together? He said that would be you, and here we are!

Gwendolyn Cassini: Yes, that's true. :o)
Gwendolyn Cassini: It took me about a month with preperations.

BooBooKittie: It was one of the longest and best shows I've been to in SL :)
Gwendolyn Cassini: Really? Thank you!

(The audience was very lucky--the show coordinators passed out a goodie bag that had gift certificates worth L$100 in it to use at Mariners Mall!)

Here are some fabulous pictures of the event that Gwendolyn put together as the March 31, 2007 Mariners Mall Fashion Show:

BooBooKittie: How did you get involved in doing fashion shows in SL?

Gwendolyn Cassini: Well, I started in SL as a shop assistant for a nice store and she asked me if i wanted to come up with an event, so i choose a fashion show. She asked her friend (who is the owner of the Mariners Mall) if we could organize a show for them at Mariners. That's when I decided to do it more often. It was two weeks of hard work, and it turned out a big success!

BooBooKittie: How often do you do shows?
Gwendolyn Cassini: Well I started to design for myself just after the fashion show, and I opened my first shop on New Year's Eve. That took a lot of time to work on an image and take care of customers. This was the first fashion show I did as my own boss! I'm planning to do at least one a month. There will soon be a show at KO Designers Mall. It's hard work, but I love to do it!

BooBooKittie: Did you come up with the clothing ideas or did the designers give you what they wanted in the show?

Gwendolyn Cassini: Yes, I asked every designer to send in a maximum of 4 complete outfits. Some of them sent in "shoulder buddies" or tattoos as well, so I tried to combine everything nicely.

BooBooKittie: Do you use models from an agency?
[14:07] Gwendolyn Cassini: No, I have my own models. Five of them were used during the first Mariners fashion show too. I trust them a lot.

BooBooKittie: How is your business going?
Gwendolyn Cassini: I'm happy :o) It pays the bills and lets me buy some nice hair once in a while.

BooBooKittie: Did you have any of your items in the show today?
Gwendolyn Cassini: Yes, the dress I am wearing now, Lasla Moonlit Stars, and a wedding dress at the end.

BooBooKittie: I read your profile and saw that your life has been touched by breast cancer, your Mother was recently diagnosed?
Gwendolyn Cassini: Yes, my mom. They amputated her breast just 3 weeks ago and starts chemotherapy next Tuesday.
BooBooKittie: I have a few people in my life that have been dealing with that issue as well, it's rough.

BooBooKittie: Are you involved in any of the SL events for cancer?
Gwendolyn Cassini: Well I wanted to...I even sent some IM's for a kiosk. Now I just pay every kiosk I see.
BooBooKittie: I do that too!

Gwendolyn Cassini: I'm planning to do a "Take It Or Leave It" event here on my land for breast cancer.
You: Wonderful!
Gwendolyn Cassini: I just love "Take It Or Leave It". :o) Everything is a good excuse to play it! hahaha
BooBooKittie: I think it is very important to support RL causes in SL.
Gwendolyn Cassini: Yes, it is important.

BooBooKittie: Did you come up with the idea for the hula hoop during the show?
Gwendolyn Cassini: No, it's actually made by Deelicious Designs. It's cute, huh? :o)
BooBooKittie: I loved it. Very cute!
Gwendolyn Cassini: The designer donated one of those outfits for the raffle.

BooBooKittie: I saw that you had SugarPunk in the show--They have a shop at Catwalk City too, along with her partner, Pukk Abel. That's who I was sitting with during the show. :)
Gwendolyn Cassini: Irelyn and Pukk are great, aren't they? :o)
BooBooKittie: Yes they are! ;)
Gwendolyn Cassini: They've been so generous and kind.
BooBooKittie: Yes, they are wonderful to me as well. :) Great people!
Gwendolyn Cassini: All designers were, though. I couldn't have done it without them.
BooBooKittie: ;) Of course not! lol

Gwendolyn Cassini: I released 3 items last week-- My first hair, a real-working analog watch and a plaid skirt set.

Here are pictures of the skirt set and the watch:

The watch comes in Beige, Cassini Green, Dark Blue, Lilac, Pink and Ferrari Red.

Gwendolyn Cassini: To be honest, there's a lot of my hair already that I wish to have done better! LOL
BooBooKittie: Well, that is the fun of SL. :)
Gwendolyn Cassini: I'm certainly not an Elika Tiramisu LOL
BooBooKittie: Not yet, but you just get better and better and better!
Gwendolyn Cassini: I hope so.
BooBooKittie: But soon, right? ;)
Gwendolyn Cassini: hahaha I'm practicing. It's really hard. I want to make it all and be good in all! LOL

For the rest of the month of April, Cassini Creations is offering 10% off for all Cassini Creations group members for Gwendolyn's birthday! Go join her group and go shop while you have a few days left...Happy Birthday Gwen!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Your Boyfriend's Closet what girl doesn't love slipping into her boyfriend's closet and borrowing his clothes now and again? :P

When my friends Haver & Killy tp'd me to this shop last night...I loved what I saw so much I *had* to try it...even tho it was a men's shop! After I bought one sweater...I was HOOKED...and had to try on more more more!!!

Also yesterday...I got a little sample package full of the yummiest bookbags I've seen in a while...and a lm to a shop that had tons of the kyootest bags that you've ever seen!!

Soooo...I wanted to share with y'all the fab work of TWO designers today: Emilia Redgrave of Redgrave...currently she has only men's clothing but will be adding women's soon, and Jen Blackhawk of Accessory Arsenal...who is making the sweetest bags I've seen in a while!! I even put on the boy hair I stole from Armidi...which I am totally jonesing on ever since I tried on the demo at Hair Fair!

First up we have the Messy Pink Sweater from Redgrave ($L400) and the Soviet Bookbag, Shoulder Version from Accessory Arsenal ($L350/single...or $L900 for the pack of shoulder/backpack/hand versions). It's really difficult to do justice to Emilia's exquisite textures with these pics...but you can see the detailing is fab...I love how the shirt tail peeks out on one side...and the belt buckle that peeks thru from beneath (yes, that's part of the shirt!!). Jen's bookbag is the perfect you can see in the closeup the texturing and detail work is just perfection...and the bookbags come in the shoulder version like this one...a backpack version...and a hand-held you can have your choice...or nab 'em all! ;)

Here we have the Black Sweater w/Scarf from Redgrave ($L400) paired w/the Birdwatcher's Bag from Accessory Arsenal ($L350). Again the fab detailing on the sweater (another untucked shirt & belt...LOVE that look!!)...and the Birdwatcher bag is just adorable!! It comes with a book, binoculars, & a cute anim that lets you 'use' the binoculars!! Again you can see in the close-up that the detail on the bag itself is fab.

Next up...the Grass Green Sweater from Redgrave ($L300), paired with Redgrave's White Shirt ($L300) & Accessory Arsenal's Napalm Purse ($150). I *LOVE* this sweater...the texturing is just so completely really have to see it up close to appreciate the detailing. The purse also is so sweet and so perfect with this sweater...I *LOVE* the short-strap/shoulder look...but it also comes with a hand-held version in the same package!! You can see in the close up that the camo is well as the teenie pockets on the sweater sleeves!

Speaking of that white it is sans sweater, with Redgrave's Tie + Tie Pin ($L85). I'm carrying the Voodoo Lunchbox ($L350) from Accessory Arsenal. The tie is a nicely done flexi...the clip adds a really nice finished touch and has a *very* gentle sparkle. The lunchbox comes also with an open version that has a human heart and some sort of potion inside. o.O

This is the sweater that started it all...the Knitted White Sweater ($L350) from Redgrave. It that hung on the wall and just begged me to buy it until I finally gave in...and when I put it on...WOW!! The cable knit is so well fact all the detailing...the zipper in the front...the hood in the back...simple perfection. I'm holding Accessory Arsenal's Kogal Bookbag ($L350/each or $L900/set of 3) which, like the Soviet Bookbag, comes in shoulder/back/hand versions. I couldn't even fit enough detail into this closeup...I love the little pens on the side...the buckles...the's just so so so perfectly done it's to die for!!

Another great layered look...this is the Dark Grey Shirt from Redgrave ($L350)...and the Backpack version of the Kogal Bookbag from Accessory Arsenal ($L350).

And here we have my favorite...the Brown Striped Suit Jacket from Redgrave ($L300) & the Explorer Lunchbox from Accessory Arsenal ($L350). I just totally love the texture & detail on this's so beautifully done. Since my pants are too low for a shirt to meet (yesh I like low waists on my pants :P) I paired it up with the Toffee Sweater from the Detention outfit I released this week. I'm loving the sexy menswear look!! Also I'm all ready to go with my lunchbox...which comes complete with a map & compass!! As with the rest of Jen's gorgeous can see in the close up that no attention to detail is's perfection!!

Okies so...yesh it IS a men's shop...and they're men's shirts...but wow...I love em!!! I won't wear men's pants tho...cos I don't like the higher waists...:/ Luckily my friend Bre stepped up and did a little shopping and selflessly volunteered to lend his hotness for me to blog! :P

Here he's wearing the Dark Grey Shirt ($L350) that I have on above...and the Dark Sand Striped Pants + Belt ($400), both from Redgrave. As with everything else...the detail and texturing is really just's hard to see from a pic just HOW fab it is!!

Sooo...I encourage you guys AND gals to head out to Redgrave and Accessory Arsenal...they both have tons of fab stuff, most of which works marvelously as unisex!! If you like great texturing and attention to detail...I think you're gonna be happy with what you find! ;)

Pretties: (NOTE: the man has MORE pretties than the woman...:P)

On Kit: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Trendy Copper, Hair - Armidi: The Poynter in Ginger I, Jeans - Nyte 'N Day: Button Fly Jeans in Worn, Earrings - Caroline's Jewelry: Seven.

On Bre: Skin - Naughty Designs: Dante in Light Shaved, Hair - Naughty Designs: Deviance in Mocha, Shoes - Shiny Things: Striped Oxford in Blue, Tats - FORM: Henkei Tattoo 03, Glasses - HC Clothing: Purple Haze Black Glasses, Watch - The Omega Concern: Host Watch.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bandana Day!

No not bananas! Bandanas! Its April 14th and that means its Bandana Day. You may ask, "why why oh why Vivi must we wear bandanas?" Well, I'm here to tell ya! Cause people with cancer go through chemo and radiation to get better and when they do, their hair falls out. Seriously. And they wear bandanas to cover the baldness. SO! The coolness that is the Hair Fair organizers got together and dreamed of a day where we in SL would buy bandanas and wear them all day long to support Locks of Love. Locks of Love, if you don't know, takes real hair from real people (you can donate! Just go to to find out how!) and makes wigs for people in chemo and radiation.

Anyway you can buy bandanas at the Hair Fair and all proceeds go to Locks of Love. And just in case you think you might look all ugly without hair, I'm hear to show you how cool you can look. I mashed up this outfit:

Hair by OMG I'M BALD! Bandana by Zero Style. Jeans by Callie Cline. Jacket by Hey Gorgeous (are they still around?). Sneakers are the non-prim Domino Fashions freebie chucks. Skin by Starley Therian (Vogue Cashmere Smoky Freckled). Earrings are actually my AO by Body Architects.

Now go forth and bandana-ize yourself!

Friday, April 6, 2007

RFL Designer Date Auction!!

Heyyyy out there!!

Catero Revolution dropped some info on me today about his Relay For Life team's Date a Designer auction which is coming up tomorrow!! I'd like to pass it along and encourage everyone to come on out and bid freely to snag some time getting to know your favorite designer and help support a wonderful cause!!

Here's what Cat has to say about it:

On Saturday, April 7, 2007 at 12 PM SLT you can add the ultimate designer accessory to your ensemble: The Designer.

Join the Shopaholics Relay for Life teams in a spirit of good-natured frivolity on the beautiful island sim of Nuku Hiva in a landmark event where 10 or so of SL's high profile designers and content creators will be date auctioned to aid in raising funds for the American Cancer Society.

Dress in your best luau beachwear and bring your wallets to snag a a once-in-a-second lifetime opportunity to spend a few hours to get to know your favorite designer personally.

So far the following designers have confirmed their participation:

Aradia Dielli – Perfect Image
Blaze Columbia – Blaze Fashions
Canimal Zephyr – Canimal
Colleen Desmoulins - The Loft
Digit Darkes – X3D Apparel
Forseti Svarog – Figments
Lucas Lameth- Earthtones Boutique
Isabella Sampaio – L'OrĂ©al Paris Spokesmodel
Pushbutton Skolnick – Pushbutton Industries
Shai Delacroix – Casa del Shai
Truth Hawks – TRUTH

... and we might have a couple of other surprises for you.

Our DJ Sean Clancy will be taking your requests for the hottest tunes and after the auction you are welcome to stay and dance til your feet hurt.

All proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society. See for more information on Relay for Life in Second Life.

For more information please contact Grazia Horwitz or Ryan Darragh in world.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Get the dirt!!

Hellloooo out there fashionistas!! :D

I'm soooo excited I'm just about hopping b/c of these wonderful goodies I found at Aion Ree's shop dirtChild!!!

I stumbled in after seeing the link on her profile...and was immediately in love with what I saw...and I wanted to share some piccies with y'all...w/the help of my friend CC (she's the bluenette :P)!!

First up are these sweet deepV tees. They're simple yet so nicely done...great for spring and just perfect for stretching your wardrobe. These are from the striped set...I have on candystripe & CC has on blue stripe. They're a great bargain at only $L25/each or $L120/pack of 6...and they come in a nice range of colors in both solids and stripes.

Probably my FAVORITE item are the jeans!! They're called Kiss Me Jeans (on CC) and Kiss Me Capris (on me)!...and these are seriously some of the best hand-drawn jeans I've ever seen in SL. The texture and detail is amazingly good...and they make your a$$ look damn fine! :P HIGHLY recommended at only $L120/pair!

Here we have a couple more really cute tops...I'm wearing Sweatergirl in Bubblegum ($L120)...& CC is wearing the Gullwing Tee ($L80).

Last but DEFINITELY not least are a couple of really cute dresses. The one I have on is called Lovefool ($L150...teal is shown) & it comes with a great top which works wonderfully on its own with jeans...a system skirt...& a white prim belt (which I'm not wearing in the pic). CC has on the Shirtdress ($L150...moss is shown)...which comes features a prim skirt. Both of these dresses are just wonderfully textured and detailed!! Also check out the glasses I'm wearing...DC Glasses ($L100)...which I also picked up while I was there! (Yes I <3333333 prim glasses.) :P

Right now Aion has mostly separates in the shop...and a couple of's small but she's hard at work making more SO be sure to peek in and pick up some of her gorgeous stuff now at dirtChild in Mare. I predict we're going to be seeing a lot more of her and I can't wait to she what she comes up with next!!!


On Kit: Skin - Tete a Pied: Redhead in Avril, Hair - ETD: Meghan in Mocha Blackened, Shoes - Shiny Things: Spring Stilettos in White, Necklace & Earrings - Mirial: Casual Pearls in Silver, Bracelets - Lassitude & Ennui: Love Conquers All Bracelet in Silver & Moonstone; Brace Yourself - Italian Obsession Bracelet v1.03.

On CC: Skin - Gala: Dark Tan in Pash, Hair - Tickled Pink: Nikki in Midnight Blue, Shoes - Shiny Things: Mary Jane Mules in Blue, Necklace - Shiny Things: Scheherezade in Silver & Moonstone, Ring - Xessories: Diva Wedding Set in Platinum/Diamond, Stockings (Dress Pic) - X2/Exotica: X2 Shade Black Stockings.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Review Copy Policy

Hihi out there!! :)

Yesh I have a bunch of things I want/need to blog here and I'm so behind right now it's just bleh bleh blehhhhrrhrhhrrhrhrhghghghghghghhhhh...but I'm gonna work on getting caught up! ;)

However...the girls & I have been talking and after having a few things passed on we really decided it's best if we post up this official review copy policy/disclaimer...just an fyi for those designers out there who're working hard and for those readers who're always looking for something new! ;)

So let me say first...YES...designers...we DO want to see what you have out there that's new and fact, that is *precisely* what we're after. However, that said, we want to stress a cpl things:

#1) Landmarks and a little note are *vastly* preferred over actual review copies. You can even include some ad copy on the notecards if you like. Trust me...none of us have problems shopping and if we see things we like it's a given we're going to buy. Also by giving a lm rather than a copy we eliminate a lot of the issues of late between designers & bloggers regarding use of review copies...and it's more inventory friendly! ;)

#2) If/when landmarks and/or review copies are dropped on one of us...we cannot make any guarantees of what will or will not be blogged. Each of us has her own unique sense of style...and each of us really wants to be true to that when she blogs.

So hopefully that makes sense...and now I'm off to dig through some work...happy Saturday everyone! ;)